Quality Septic Solutions

We Offer a Range of Septic Service Options

For quality septic system maintenance and monitoring solutions, get in touch with Dave’s Septic Services Inc. in Seabeck, WA. Our company’s main focus is in septic system design. However, we also offer other related services, including hydro jetting and septic system diagnostic solutions. Come to us for a wide range of septic service options. We have the skills and resources to take care of your septic needs.

Our Septic Services Include:

Drainfield Retrofitting
Hydro Jetting
Locating Camera and Diagnostic Solutions
Minor Drainfield Repairs
Monitoring and Maintenance
New Lot Preliminary Site/Soil Analysis
New System Design
Repair Designs on Current Systems

Service Contracts for Year-Round Convenience

Have you ever needed an emergency service for your septic system but found your usual service provider to be unavailable during the weekend? At our company, you don’t have to worry about that. We offer monitoring and maintenance service contracts that are managed throughout the year. If something goes wrong, count on us to respond promptly no matter what day it is.

Schedule a Soil Analysis

Are you building your dream home soon? Make sure your property is erected on solid ground. Contact the soil specialists of Dave’s Septic Services Inc. at (360) 830-9699 today to schedule a soil analysis. We are happy to survey your construction site and determine whether your structure requires a special foundation to resist ground movement.